I bet, you’re wondering, how do I make money online?! Right!

Great Question!!

There are a bunch of different ways you can make money online.

The majority of the people get distracted by the “latest and greatest” or “instant or easiest” way and second guess themselves and end up never building the business and the revenue as a result.

I will show you a proven process for you to generate revenue online. This process is the ultimate making money process. This process is used by over a million online people in the world.

This process is called Affiliate Marketing.

There are 4 steps to affiliate marketing. Although those steps may not be how you start the process, it definitely is how the process works.

Consumer View

As a customer, you would search a keyword or phrase into the search engine. Then, the search engine would display over a million niche websites for you to go to. First, you would pick a website either based on the content the author of the post/page is writing about or the word or phrase that appeals to you.

Secondly, you would read their content and decided, whether or not, you wanted to purchase items the author is writing about. You would also see which company the product/service was purchased from and the price of the product/service being reviewed.

There may even be a link for you to go to if you were interested in purchasing this product or other products from that particular company.

The third thing you would probably do as a customer after deciding you want to purchase the items the article was about would be to buy the product/service from that company. You could also find other deals or bargains available.

Lastly, you would leave the website as a happy customer. You could if you felt like it, you could return to the original website and leave a comment on how much you enjoyed the article. Also, as a happy customer, you would tell your friends and family about this awesome website you visited and bought a bunch of cool stuff from & they should check it out, too!!

This is ideally how we want all our customers to feel when they read our content.

Affiliate View

As, an affiliate marketer, the first thing you would do is, you would build your website based on a niche. You would create your website with a similar theme, add some plugins, constantly write captivating content which keeps your audience interested and coming back for more.

This would include getting your website up and running and published on the world wide web.

Secondly, you would write content about your niche, say, for instance, your niche is about cooking. You could write your content about the recipes.

Places you shopped for the items needed for the recipe. How much it cost and if you went to more than one store or your favorite grocery store.

You could also include your pros and cons about the recipe. Talk about tips and hints you did to make the cooking or prepping time easier.

Thirdly, you would add affiliate links to your website so your audience may attain the product/service you are reviewing.  And at the same time, we can promote it and earn a profit.

The affiliate link identifies to you as the referring affiliate when someone clicks on your link and it goes to the merchant’s website. The link tells the company via the affiliate program, that you are an affiliate that referred this person to their company.

The affiliate link links the person throughout their shopping process, and if they make a purchase, then you earn a commission. The commission varies for each affiliate program you apply for.


Either way, you look at it, both parties win. The consumer wins by learning and getting to purchase a product/service through the affiliate link, and the affiliate marketer wins by making a commission for the link and being able to help the customer. Both are a continual cycle that repeats itself infinitely and is able to bridge consumers and businesses from all over the world.

Tell me about how Affiliate Marketing has helped you as a consumer or as an affiliate marketer? Leave a comment below.

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4 thoughts on “How does Affiliate Market Work?”
  1. Affiliate Marketing is a new concept that I learned about just a few days ago. And I am reading up all I can about it. 

    Seems really cool that people would pay you to help sell their products. A great idea, and one suited to the seller, the buyer, and the affiliate marketer. It’s a win-win-win for everyone.

    Thank u for the information that u have provided in the article. 



  2. Creating your own product from scratch can take time and a lot of money. Affiliate marketing is an easy way to start your own business promoting other people’s products and getting paid for it. I am a beginner but I am learning a lot about it. It’s also less risky since all you do is advertise and not worry about storage or customer service.

    1. Hi Mimie, thank you for taking the time to read my article. I wish you much success on your journey to becoming an affiliate marketer. 

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