How to Become a Social Media Influencer

What is a Social Media Influencer and what do they do that differentiates them from other people? What do they do that makes people want to be influenced by them?

I’m sure you have a favorite Influencer you just love everything about them. You adore their posts and wish you were them or one of their besties, right? Who wouldn’t want a life of luxury – trendy clothes, get paid to shop, lavish lifestyle.

We are going to show you how you can become a social media Influencer with a lot of hard work on your part. (Don’t worry! You probably do the majority of it anyways without much thought.) These steps are simple but must be done to achieve success!!

Here you will learn the Top 5 strategies to become an Influencer on Social Media or any other Platform you choose.

1. Choose a Niche

First, you need a niche, you need to decide on something you want to talk or post about to your audience. Most influencers choose something they are familiar with or something they are interested in.

As an influencer, you need to research and post content or images, or videos about your niche. If you are interested in skincare or cooking or soccer, that could be your niche. Whatever you are passionate about. Do what you Love!

Keep it simple, don’t choose something too broad as it may become overwhelming, maybe keep it to a couple of different interests.


2. Update Your Social Media Channels

The next step is to update or touch up on all your social media platforms or create and optimize your profile to reflect your current status.

Most Influencers are known on maybe one or two social media outlets, so your efforts are going to be polishing up on your one or two channels as well.

Focus and Grow!   

Once you have updated or create your social media channels. You are going to want to change your account to a Business Account.


For you to take advantage of a new role as an influencer, you must change your status to a business account or create a business account.

By creating a business account in Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter there is more opportunity for you to build a following, generate sales, and earn an income.

After you create your business account, you are going to create a bio for your new business account. Make sure your bio consists of a few important personal brand identities. What differentiates you from the other influencers in your category.

People usually associate what your social media profile will be with your profile picture. Make sure your profile picture is visibly clear and of good quality. You want people to see you.

3. Plan Out Your Content and Be Consistent

Don’t just wing it and hope you get it right. Make a list of what you want to create for the next three or four months. Decide how often you are going to post, once or twice a week.

It should be the same time, same day, every time you post. You want to give your audience a reason to subscribe. Without consistent posting, NO subscription is necessary, because there is nothing to miss out on.

Make sure you provide the best quality content. It’s your Brand. So don’t be afraid to invest in your equipment, tools, and yourself.

Some influencers keep their business and personal life separate.

A food influencer may post about recipes, restaurant visits and reviews with photos of food eaten or tried or made, or even brand promotions.

Emmymade is a food influencer who started her first YouTube channel in 2010 in Japan which was mainly her sampling food from all over the world sent by her audience.

Emmy Cho was born in California but lived in Japan as a teacher with two children. Her channel was originally called Emmymadeinjapan but changed it to Emmymade since she lives in Rhode Island now.

In her videos, she explains the taste, texture, and smell of her food. Her most popular post was called Raindrop Cake Recipe Mizu Shingen Mochi – You Made What?! with over 6.3 million views.

In 2014 she started another YouTube channel called Emmymade Extras which she posts about stuff she makes. As of September 2020, it has over 2.6 million subscribers and 27 million views.

4. Understand Your Audience

Know your targeted audience. Most influencers have a strong connection and relationship with their followers and know how to persuade them. They don’t target everyone, only a small select few who have the same interest, the same niche as they do.

The Most popular social media platforms have a built-in analytics tool to help you know the demographic, interest, and insights to help you to understand and target them.

Wealthy Affiliate uses Google Analytics to help its members to look at the behaviors of their audience, track the process of your conversions, and how to navigate them to your website.

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform for you to learn about making money on the internet using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other Social Media tools to build a website design and created by You.

Or ask your audience what they are interested in or want to see more of, I’m sure they will tell you.

5. Promotions and Collaborations

Creating content is important, but only 20% and the other 80% come from promotion.

The first step is to announce to the world you are an influencer, and you are interested in brand collaborations. You can write it in your bio, or you can reach out to relevant brands with what you can offer.

The best way to grow your audience is by working with an influencer bigger than you. There is always someone who has a larger following than you. When you help them and make it worth their time, they may reciprocate and do the same for you.

In Conclusion

You can set your mind to anything you want it. With enough determination, desire, and dedication to your cause, there is nothing, stopping you. Only you are your worst nightmare or your greatest asset. Walt Disney said, “If You Can Dream It, You Can Do It.” Dream Big!

Who is your favorite Influencer? What are they known for? And what have you learned from them or their channel to better yourself?

By Viki

2 thoughts on “How to Become a Social Media Influencer”
  1. Hi Viki

    Being a Social Media Influencer has evolved into a viable career choice. It can be very lucrative and exciting. However, as you pointed out, it does entail alot of hard work, at the end of which, you will receive your reward. I also agree with you that their should be a 3-4 month plan in place, and follow through with your plan. Your article contains very good advice for aspiring Social Media Influencers.

    1. Thank you Les for your thoughtful comment on my article. I really appreciate your kind words. I agree it has become a viable career choice. There are so many opportunities now where people can invest in themselves, while still helping others.

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